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Does Justice Exist

Eli comes face to face with his greatest fear; which because his greatest adventure and tragedy. His shield because his sword of protection as he is to infiltrate the greatest threat to his city and country. Can Eli protect his home, his family…even when the threat grows beyond his city; his country and his world? Eli’s hope resides in his own faith...does he have enough. Can he save a planet, or even himself? Will he be swallowed up in his greatest fear? Will the world cease or will the man Eli was destined to become win the day?

Justice: Alternate Origins

Experimental fuel source used for a mission to Mars, with a civilian. A civilian who designed the launch pad, for his price was this trip. Igniting the new fuel caused a massive explosion. The crew unconscious, the shuttle rockets out of control. When they awake, four rush to put out the fire on the control panel. Two then take the helm, one hysterical her husband along with two others burned to death. The last trying unsuccessfully to contact mission control. The shuttle crashes on a planet and splits in two. Exposed to the atmosphere they find they can breath. Are they on Earth? They find the answer to that is NO! they find the planet abandoned, no way back, no way to communicate they find an asteroid will destroy the planet within a month. A violent storm brings the bodies they buried back to them. A brilliant purple light from a opened unique box offers them a chance for a price! What’s the price, is it worth possibly their souls? Find out inside Justice: Alternate Origins