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Burt Goldman series button for $199

The greatest series of meditations, self help mp3’s including the amazing series on Quantum Jumping.

I total of 71 mp3’s including over 60 meditations which include some of the following from his over 50 year career:

The Mental Magnet - a different way of looking at the law of attraction

Power tension and will- ease almost any kind of stress

The world renowned Daisy Pond- a virtual fountain of youth

Meditations on stopping addiction, overeating and so much more.

Elsewhere you would pay as much as $1597...all yours for $199 automatic download immediately upon ordering


Here is a complete list of instructional mp3’s and guided meditations you get

Resting your mind

Restful meditation with Bagha

Leading a stress free like

The Famous Daisy Pond

Weight Loss and Control (can be used for any addiction)

Clear mind

Overcoming bad habits and addictions

The Elephant metaphor

Boosting self esteem with a switch

Equality attitude

A confident you

Setting your baseline

The perception of you

Positive attitude

Winning friends by acting ‘as if’

Overcoming depression

Contentment mantra

Your photographic memory with Plato

The power complex

Memory power through personal associations

The nine planets

The tapping meditation

The power of your emotions

Power energy shield

What is love

Positive viewpoint

Understanding needs and energy

Mastering your emotions

Mastering your emotions 2

Power shout

Power shout 2

Creating the ambitious you

Majestic sight

Motivation through power tension

Motivational energy

Smashing through fears and phobias

Kahuna boldness

The source of courage

Mental acupuncture 

Why negative thinking occurs

Helping the negative thinker

The art of positive thinking

The island of satisfaction

How to maintain zest for life

Power tension and will

Aging and longevity

Reiki shield

Attaining financial freedom using the law of attraction

The mental magnet

Story of the Mud Hen

Attraction magnet

Acting as if for success

Act as if

The table of creativity

The table of creativity technique

The power of change

The challenge

Activating your toggle switch

The golden image

Distance healing for others

Theatre of healing

Mind and body in harmony with QiGong

Energy healing