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Spiderweb of Deceit

Guy awakens in a hospital. Told his parents died in an explosion, he underage is put in foster care. The woman taking him to this foster care tells him his parents are alive, kidnapped. In order to get them back he had to infiltrate a organization to recover disks that carry codes. Codes that code send a biologic weapon to kill everyone. Upon recovering the disks he is told to get more deeply involved to find out where the orders originated. Three different organizations are trying to kill him and stop him. Including his parents, lied to from a young age will he survive? Will he stop his parents who are helping the makers of this weapon? Will the weapon be unleashed?

For the Love of Erica - book 2

Erica lay in a coma due to a car accident caused by maniacal person. She awakes to a miraculous recovery only to be used as a tool against her father. A plot to control the weather creates a extinction level event. Erica is used to get her father’s help in fixing it if possible. Can Sean, Erica’s dad help? One last ploy may cost Erica her life…Does Sean help, does Erica survive? At what cost would the possible death of Erica be?

For Erica's Life

In a race to save the very eternal soul of his daughter, Sean has to hold himself together along with know who to trust.  Can he even trust Erica, herself.  Then Sean must do something he swore he’d never do in order to save his precious little girl.