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UPDATE: If you want to buy shares in one or more of my screenplays.  Each share is $100.  Once you pay, email me which one you want a share in.  when they sell you’ll get a percentage of the royalties.

IF YOU WANT TO BUY one of my screenplays outright to market for yourself.  When sold it’s between $200-$400,000.

SO if you want to buy the rights outright to one of my screenplays it will be $25,000 then it’s completely yours.  Make changes, market the way you want…it’s completely yours.  Again if you want one, simply send me the money and it’s yours.  Email me which one and I’ll send you all files relating to it.  Be it whether it’s word processor, trebly, they will be yours.

Over 30 great screenplays you can find.  Some based on the books herein, some completely different

Screenplays on Script Revolution

Screenplays on Amazon Studios

Some include:

The Demon House

Ten vastly unique people vie for a chance to meet a Hollywood star by staying the night at a haunted house owned by two eccentric people. The house has ideas of keeping forever

Hell Hath no Fury

After the daughter of a Colonel is killed in front of him. He sets out to systematically take down the entire group responsible.

A Hero Lost

Pulled from Earth to a distant planet to save a woman’s children and the secrets of a castle…to the entire world. For only a chance to return home


A eccentric military man with unique abilities stumbles onto a plot to remake the world. He must use his abilities to stop these rogue agents to save his way of life


The sins of the father sometimes repaid upon himself!

Insidious Six

Six hackers find a plot to enslave life on Earth now must fight for their own survival and to save mankind