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                                                                            The Memory of Elisha 

A teen’s promise to watch after his twin sister, then watches as she is killed in front of him. Accused of murdering her killer he once acquitted is recruited by a crime family, twists and turns all around. Noah ends up Falling in love with a Amazon

queen to have it stripped from him. Learning the crime boss arranged for his twin sisters death. What does he do?

                                        The Panic Before The Storm

When is a extinction level event just a diversion to get people out of the way?  Noah Eichen, recruited to stop a probable ELE finds a piece of evidence that costs him his life.  His half brother must stop at nothing, including letting himself be used as a pawn to try to stop the ELE…if so what cost to himself?  The real threat is those who caused a preventable extinction level event.  Can he stop them, or is it too late for Earth…has it went too far?

                                       Third Time is not a Charm

Another chance to put what went wrong right again, Zach embarks on a journey.  Not a journey to save others in the end.  This time a journey to save himself...his immortal soul. Threats all around, trying desperately to stop Zach from saving himself…will his soul be destroyed?  Can Zach save his immortal soul or will he be doomed in a abyss of nothingness for eternity…worse yet will his damnation cause others the same fate?