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Two Lives Collide

A cosmic disaster on a school trip, changes everything. Will it kill him, every?
Amazing Eric gets everything he wants and it is taken away from him…with watching his family die can he salvage anything. Can he save his life, fate seems to want him to suffer. Find out in Two Lives Collide

The Best of Two Worlds

Following catastrophic storms our protagonist and friend flee to out-of-town family to find similar storms claim them as well. Then a strange sickness claims many millions of people. Can anything stop this illness? Asked to travel back before this took place Eric does this. He did not go far enough back. Plans are then made for he and another who is unaffected to try again, this time just at the precise moment of being sent a bomb goes off. They are sent far into the future. Very sick, Lisa, the protagonist’s helper, cannot be helped after they find civilization. Eric makes another attempt, only to fail. Ending up captured by a tribe of amazons, once free through a freak storm he finds help to get back to what he thinks is his time. It isn’t!